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about that

"et aliae" is latin for "and others"; i sometimes use this (or some variation) to have some name to refer to the following collection of identites. i have several names that i go by, the reasons behind this are multifaceted; this page, while still a surface level biography, should help elucidate some of those reasons.

what's the same

i dont like uppercase letters. im autistic, genderfluid/flux, polyamorous, disabled, and also a ringtail(θΔ)!

a great deal of my time is spent administering and poking at gnu/linux systems, though i also take the role of system engineer quite frequently. ive been interested in how computers work ever since i could read, hacking at them since i first met drm, and linux since i had my first computer. i've also received formal education in the form of trade school and certifications. despite all of this i am still but an acolyte of the dark arts that is "routing".

you can find me playing videogames such as a hat in time, dirt rally 2.0, deep rock galactic, hyper light drifter, and lots more. im into music, i do drumming (not well); i like to think im quite genre and period agnostic.

i tend to let utilitarianism guide my ethics, as such i support anti-reactionary causes and im a socialist, more specifically an anarchist syndicalist.

sadly i have been inflicted with a brain, to name the highlights i have anxiety, adhd, dyslexia, and epilepsy.

what's different

for most intents and purposes, the above may be sufficient; however there still remains differences between facets of myself, and distinctive ones have been given names. there may be some variation between the pronouns included here and ones used, as the below only shows gender tendencies.


asexual, greyromantic, fem-leaning (she/her or they/them). typically hyperfocused on some computer, close or far away. tries to be the most responsible.


greysexual, homoromantic, no trend in gender (they/them or fae/faer). always breaking things one way or another, but they stay silly.


homosexual, homoromantic, masc-leaning (he/him or they/them). world renowned pizza chef. gamer god. (neither of these things)


greyasexual, homoromantic, fem-null-leaning (they/them or it/its). :3 incarnate.


pansexual, homoromantic, inaimate-leaning (it/its or she/her). usually doesnt want to talk as much.